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Cram it with walnuts. That is our name, that is our motto, that is how we live our lives. OK, that is a load of crap but I like to say it so that is the name of this site.

The point of this is to celebrate our geekery. That is a word. Video games, sci-fi, movies, technology, books and comics. We do it, then we write about it. Or argue about it.

Plus, since all the contributors are currently male, we can upload all the pics of hot women we want! Even if we get a girl writer, only pics of hot girls allowed. Even girls know that girls are hot.

We are always looking for new contributors to the site, you don’t even have to be that good. Just send us a note using the contact us form.

Info on Scarloc:
I like video games and I am lazy

Info on Dan:
Dan Scog was born with an NES controller in one hand and was subsequently fed from “E” containers. After graduating from William Paterson University with degrees in both Communications and English Composition, he put his college experience to good use: unemployment and writing about video games. He has written semi-professionally on topics ranging from Sealab 2021 to boxing. As computer enthusiast who cannot deny that his rig is pimped out, he often writes / compains about the PC platform, but will do whatever it takes to play the next God of War entry. His other interests include film and casino games. His own low-budget attempts can be seen at the shamelessly neglected Old School Studios or on YouTube. Dan currently works part-time as a stage manger in New Jersey.

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