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Holy shit man, there must not &title= be very much news today. Who the fuck is this guy to try and figure out why fanboys are fanboys? Who cares! Let them be, they need to exist in order to supply videogame forums with posts, and possibly create news for blogs and news sites. &title=

people need to feel that what they bought is the best &title=, and that any compnay that treats them bad is the worst. It's not like we just pick a random side, it's ingrained in us from youth. When we first got an Xbox 360, we thought it was awesome. My son was so proud and told all his friends at school. They all said it was crap and that playstation was better. You know [&title=] why? Who cares, the guy who wrote this junk uses words like 'splain. Do I need to say anything else? Now for a picture of a hot chick to make you feel better.

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