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6 November 2010 5,507 views One Comment

Let me start this off by saying that I do not work for Microsoft, or any company that competes with Microsoft. I am not getting paid anything to write about the Kinect hardware at all. I bought it with my own money and am obligated to no one in regards to it. This is just my honest opinion and is only influenced by my decades of gaming experience.

There are a lot of reviews of the KINECT hardware out there, written by a lot of big name gaming and traditional news sources. There is a lot of conversations going on about it all over the place as well. Tons of people are for it, tons are against it. There are also few issues that a lot of people are talking about regarding the Kinect hardware and I am going to give you my response.

1. Input lag problems.

Yes, there is lag. Although it is only a slight lag, it is not yet instant. It is not a deal breaker, it did not hinder my play and you get used to it very quickly.

2. Tracking problems causing games to lose sync with your movements.

I have not yet run into this, but keep in mind that I have only played for a few days.

3. You need about 7 feet of distance from the device and another 3 feet around you.

This is true. You need to be about 6 feet away at minimum. You need to be about 2-3 feet further away for two players. I am confused how this is a problem. This is a motion controller where you have to get up and move around. YOU NEED SOME SPACE. How is this even confusing to people. Were you planning on standing directly in front of the camera and expect it to track from your head to you feet. IT IS A CAMERA. You know how you can’t take a full body shot with a normal camera from 3 feet away? Idiots.

4. Issues with lighting, clothing, and other environmental problems.

No issues for me yet, and my play space is quite dim. There are two small lamps in the background, and the foreground is only lit by the 50” plasma tv itself. I am going to experiment with this at a later date. I want to try and see if full body urban camouflage will confuse it.

5. Voice tracking only works half the time.

So far, it has worked 98% of the time, and I just have to repeat myself and it works fine in the rare case it did not hear me.  I will write about it again if it drops below that.

6. Menu navigation is tedious and pointless and slower than just using a controller.

This one is going to vary depending on the person. My normal controller is put away on a shelf when not in use. So if I want to play KINECT I turn on the xbox. When it is on I say ‘Xbox’ and then ‘Kinect’ which launches the Kinect screen and logs me in as it recognizes me. I then say ‘Xbox’ to get its attention and then say ‘Play game’. Very simple. Now if I planned on going through and looking at all the new demos or something like that I would use the controller as it would be faster with all the moving around the menus plus I would be sitting down anyway. You use the Kinect controls when doing anything with the Kinect. You use the controller for anything else.

7. You have to stand up to play.

I’m not sure how to respond to this type of comment. It is a controller that captures full body motion. MOTION. How is this an issue? This is like the videos of the fat guys trying to review the WII from their chairs, playing bowling while eating some more Doritos. If you are one of those people, this was not designed for you. You can control it from sitting down, but why would you ever want to play a game designed for full body motion while sitting down? There are already tons of games if you want to continue sitting down.

So far I am quite impressed with the technology; it seems to be a great leap forward and something very different. Motion control and voice control like this is the future, now they just need to put your screen in some goggles for full 3d viewing.

There are two very important things to remember. One is that this thing is fun. EFF YOU EN. Everyone in my house really likes it. From my 2 year old daughter up to myself. Second thing, some proof that this will sell very well. It was my girlfriend who wanted it even before I mentioned it. Women are interested in this thing WITHOUT their boyfriends trying to convince them. That is money in the bank. In conclusion, it only costs as much as two games and you get one with it. It is fun. You do have to get off your ass to play with it, but that is the intention.

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  • Crit said:

    I gotta say I could care less about this KINECT thingy. I like my 360 hands on, controller style. I’m not so interested in buying every add on Microsoft craps out, especially if it has anything to do with that damn Kinectimals. I ain’t Kinecting sh*t! Needless to say if they come out with a new model shaped like a stacked brunette then I will be all over that like those fat kids on their Doritos (they’re like crack for fat asses!). Plus I don’t think my 15″ Technocolor could handle this thing. Fraking Wavy, wavy!!!

    p.s.-Hot girls are all that this site needs. You’ll be hearing from me again.

    -Squid Pro Row

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