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15 November 2008 1,625 views No Comment

My gaming life has been in disarray lately. In anticipation of FarCry 2 (which is being shipped to me this very moment) I set out to finish the original, which I’ve let hang longer than any other game I failed to beat. I started playing FarCry like two years ago, got halfway through and then stopped. I picked it up about two months ago and got 3/4ths through and now I haven’t played it since. Obviously, this is serious business and priority #1.

But my impressions of FarCry have been pretty much the CryTek story: great graphics, embarassing story/voice acting, and very smart AI. Playing the campaign on the Realistic will make you a man, but nobody said that becoming a man wasn’t painful and frustrating at times. Bottom line, I can’t imagine why I would reccomend that anyone except diehard FPS fans go back and play the original, espescially now that you’ve got other options like Crysis / Warhead. Even if FarCry 2 just treads water creatively, it’s practically gauranteed to be a huge step forward from its predecessor.

Around Halloween, I set out to face my fears and beat God of War on God Mode. Now, the backstory to this is that before I fell in love with this series, I watched my buddy from college fail miserably and suffer horribly while trying to beat God Mode. And it looked really impossible. In a strange twist of game borrowing/lending I ended up having a copy of God of War 2 for a long time without having the original and I ended up beating that on Titan mode. It was one of the most intense experiences of my gaming life. But satisfying as hell. So it was a pleasant surprise to go back to God of War and realize that God Mode actually is nowhere near as painful Titan Mode. Granted knowing where chests are and knowing how to solve the puzzles in advance always makes a 2nd run through more pleasant, but I still surprised myself by taking out God Mode in less than a week. Even more surprising is that I lucked out on the final battle (if you’ve played it you’ll know what I mean) and ended up beating that within an hour and change. I had fully exected to spend a couple of days on that last battle.

Speaking of twists (go back I said it somewhere) it seems that PopCap has been reading this blog and decided to take my good advice about offering up higher resolutions for their games. I speak of their latest release, Bejweled Twist. Unfortuntely, I’m not a fan of the new “twist” gameplay mechanic. I think it’s clunky and awkward, espescially compared to the simplicity of the original swaps. It seems like something that should have been an added ability or gametype. Not a new default for the whole game. My mom is a diehard fan of the 2nd one and refuses to play this new one. Come on guys, if PopCap has lost my mom, then they’ve lost middle America.

Lastly, I’ve also started playing a game called World of Goo. Back in the stone age, I posted a link to Tower of Goo and its experimental game brethren. World of Goo is basically the all-grown-up version (yes, I know it’s been released for the Wii, don’t e-mail me your joke). And by that I mean, it’s an actual game. So far, so good. The only thing that bugs me is this notion that this gameplay is just earth shatteringly revolutionary. It’s not. It’s basically just taking flash-game physics and adding quality. And that’s to be commended, but it is what it is. It’s an f’ing ball of goo.

Still, it’s better than a meatcube.

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