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14 January 2007 2,026 views 2 Comments

Please Sony, you need to get yourselves back on your horse. You need to introduce a gag order to the entire compnay regarding the PS3 and fix this situation. Normally I enjoy a good Sony bashing, but it’s getting out of hand. We, as gamers, need Sony to get their houes in order. If Sony fails, it is only bad news for us.

If the PS3 is not a contender this round, what do we have to look forward to? I know a lot of people will say the Wii, and it seems like a fun little toy. But one screw up by Nintendo and thats exactly what it will be reduced to. A toy. Something that is fun for the kids, and gets played at party’s by drunk people. C’mon, you know as well as I do that anyone who considers themselves a hardcore gamer is not going to have a Wii as their primary console.

Then you have the Xbox 360. Very nice thing to play on, live is fantastic and they already have a bunch of new games. But this is Microsoft here. If history shows us anything, it’s that when Microsoft is the leader they slow down. They stop improving, there is no innovation. It’s only when they are the under-dog that they reallt come out swinging. With no Sony to worry about, there is no reason for them to keep making games like GOW or Halo.

So there is really only one game in town if Sony can’t pull itself our of this rut, and that is bad news for us gamers. And this is really hard for me, someone who is consistantly bashing Sony. But this time we need them.

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  • Anonymous said:

    I agree i purchased the ps3 and a 360. But to add to this I was at best buy to get more games and low and behold there ps3 was froze up not working I mean come on if the demo’s don’t work then what does that say about what you are buying. I asked the saleman what was up and they replyed that it was a problem with the internet update. I said well shut it off at least its really making Sony look bad. Am I right or wrong?

  • Scarloc said:

    I think you are right… If someone is coming in to see this fantastic new very expensive system and the demo booth is locked up (or broken) that does not instill any confidence in the PS3. I know eventually they will fix the firmware issues, but at least the people selling it should attempt to make it look good.

    At the same time, it’s also not their fault and some person at walmart or wherever probably does not care. This one falls on Sony, and there is a lot they need to do to fix this. The next post steps they need to take to fix this disaster before it’s too late.

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