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[9 Oct 2008 | 2 Comments | 1,741 views]

It is early so that title actually amused me. Actually I consistantly amuse myself but that will have to wait for another post.
I know I have writen about my disappointment in the Wii before, but I also wanted to give it a fair chance before putting it up on ebay. I have rented and purchased many games from the first ones like red steel (horrible) up to Mario Kart Wii (great).
I have to say that my opinion of the Wii has not really changed. Of all the games that I …

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[17 Sep 2008 | One Comment | 1,341 views]

OK, so all the old posts are now imported from blogger to this new wordpress site. Over the next little while, I will be changing the look, adding in useful plug-ins and stuff like that. I will also be looking for a wordpress theme for the site, so let me know if you have any suggestions or want to make one for us. Also, we are always looking for writers or reviewers so if you want to join in, let me know in the comments until I get a contact …

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[17 Feb 2005 | No Comment | 1,393 views]

Gaming company Nintendo is rumored to be ready to use cartridges for it’s next generation console. Code named ‘Geraldo’ these new cartridges would seem like a step back in time for the gaming community.
“Not so,” a source said on the condition that her name would not be released, “with the advances in flash memory, these new cartridges can hold as much as a DVD, but the speed is amazing. Loading screens will be a thing of the past. Also, the cost will only be slightly higher, which most people already …