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[22 Feb 2005 | No Comment | 1,636 views]

Resident Evil. Those are the two words that cause many like myself to salivate. This is the series that everyone has at least heard about. The best ‘movies created from a game’ were the resident evil movies. Now we are up to part 4 of the series. Note: I am fully aware of the other games like code veronica, I am just going by the numbers here, no need to pick everything apart. Being the foremost expert on Resident Evil, I thought I would tell you about RE4 (another note: …

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[10 Feb 2005 | No Comment | 1,586 views]

You know you love it and so do I. Actually, it is my favorite type of game even since playing Alone in the Dark on my 3DO (on a side note, I still have my 3DO. I will never get rid of it and am always looking for games for it if you have any). I love to be scared, I think it’s my favorite feeling.
And the current king of survival horror is of course the Resident Evil series. I am currently playing Resident Evil for Gamecube, having just done …