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OK, I was going to just put the intro paragraph here so you could peek at it before going to read the whole review over at Ars uploa, but this paragraph in the middle seems much more important. Go ahead and read it over, I'll wait. . .

uploa />"The women of Devil May Cry kick as much butt as the men, and in fact Dante's old friend Trish makes an appearance in the game. Of course, all the women have huge, heaving breasts that jiggle across your screen if a warm breeze hits them, and one fight sequence seems to focus almost entirely on a woman's crotch. In one scene a woman leans over a desk, and both Dante and the camera leer at her breasts, right before the camera actually zooms in on her butt. Luckily, her skirt is cut away to reveal her underwear. She apparently knew where that camera would be, and wanted to put on a show.

Fantasy is fantasy, and big-breasted women share the same exaggerated [uploa] proportions as heavily muscled men in games like this, but the whole thing is so juvenile it becomes almost embarrassing. In the world of Devil May Cry, women take the sword to work and leave the underwear at home.

Wait until you see how one boss character lures you into a fight. Here's a hint: it involves twins. Sadly, I probably just sold more than a few people on the game. "

I'm sorry, but where is the problem here? This is a Capcom game after all. You were expecting something else from them? Don't try to pretend like you don't like it. You are no more advanced than the rest of us guys. Unless of course you have lost your penis, then I am sorry for your troubles, but don't take it out on the rest of us. Uploa in short, we like boobs. OK, now go read the full review.

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